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Diagnostic Sentences for Beginners

To prepare for your Free Diagnostic Lesson, please look over the following sentences and practice saying them as many times as you would like. This page will print easily so that you can have it available for your lesson.

When you are ready, you will be asked to say each sentence loudly and clearly at least twice. When you have finished all the sentences, you will be asked to repeat them all in succession.

1.  Bonjour.  Je m'appelle ____(fill in your name)___.        [Hello. My name is _______.]

2.  J'aime beaucoup le français.         [I like French very much.]

3.  Nous sommes en train de lire.         [We are in the process of reading.]

4.  Hier j'ai vu deux soeurs.           [Yesterday I saw two sisters.]

5.  Elles veulent savoir si tu as faim.           [They want to know if you are hungry.]

6.  Est-ce que Jeanne est au restaurant ?          [Is Jeanne at the restaurant?]

7.  Comment est-ce qu'ils ont joué lundi ?          [How did they play on Monday?]

8.  Ferez-vous la cuisine?           [Will you do the cooking?]

9.  Sois heureux !          [Be happy!]

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